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Welcome to Bendict
the free Bengenese dictionary
with 1,129 total entries.

Keep in mind: Bendict entries are case sensitive.
Special characters:
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  • January 10: Bendict will include coverage on Old and Early Bengenese terms in the main namespace. See Bendict:Old forms of Bengenese for further information.


  • May 27: In order to show the linguistic evolution that the language has had since its inception, it has been decided to change its name to “Bengenese” (bengénesk). All occurrences of the old name “Benweenese” will be replaced by the new name.
  • May 17: Word of the Day has been implemented in Bendict. See Bendict:Word of the day for further information.
  • January 12: A namespace named "Rhymes" has been created. See Bendict:Rhymes for further information.


  • September 14: The decision has been made to change the language of the wiki from Spanish to English, to make its content more accessible. See Bendict:Progress on Translations.
  • January 19: A Slack site has been created for Bendict, visit and go to the site here.

Language updates

Track the updates of the Bengenese languages in this page.